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Privacy Policy    
Receive a live LetterMark email

Research Triangle Software, Inc.

Information collected by Research Triangle Software, Inc. is used solely for the purpose of providing the LetterMark system functionality to our customers.  We do not sell, share, or rent this information to other parties.  Details of the information collected for each portion of the LetterMark system are given below:

Live Sample Email

In order to receive a live sample of a LetterMark email, a user enters a name and an email address.  The name and email are requested in order to send the sample email and potentially a follow-up email from Research Triangle Software, Inc. with an offer to provide more information.  Research Triangle Software, Inc. does not sell, rent or share this information with any other party.   The user may contact Research Triangle Software, Inc. at support at lettermark.com to request the removal of the information from the database.

Personal Contact Information

In order to personalize LetterMark email, a user enters contact information (e.g., name, title, business phone number).  This information is used to create a v-card file and in some cases create dynamic graphical content for display in the LetterMark email.  The personal contact information is used solely to support the functionality of the LetterMark system.   Research Triangle Software, Inc. does not sell, rent or share this information with any other party.

LetterMark Reporting System

Use of the LetterMark system does not alter or impact the routing of email.  The amount of information tracked by the LetterMark Reporting System is significantly less than that tracked by the email service providers used by the sender and receiver of an email message.  We report the following in aggregate:

  • The number of times recipients click though to a link on the letterhead or virtual business card.
  • The number of times recipients download the senders vcard information.

Receiving LetterMark Emails

Because the LetterMark system is not involved with the transport of the email message itself, we are NOT able to specifically identify or track the recipients of LetterMark emails, nor view, record, or change the contents of any messages.

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