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Research Triangle Software LetterMark® Newsletter, April 2013

Current release version of LetterMark

For customers that use the LetterMark download software directly from LetterMark.net, the current production version of LetterMark is 5.8. If you are having compatibility problems with newer versions of Windows or Outlook you should download this version.

Seasonal templates new feature in LetterMark

Our new feature gives you the option to have a “Seasonal Template”, with this feature you can have a template that will be managed by us. Here’s a sample of what it could look like


The header will be managed centrally by us and selected from our library of Seasonal Templates, for preview of what we have today go to: www.rtsz.com/seasonal .

Please contact us to get this feature activated for your company. We are also open to suggestions for headers.

We can also provide this feature to you as a company specific feature and let you decide what Seasonal Template you would like to have and manage yourself. Please contact us for a quote.

Drowning in email?

You’re not alone. We spent more time in our inboxes last year than ever before. But what were we actually doing during all those hours? And how can we use that time more effectively? Here are some data points from a study by Boomerang on 5 million emails.

  • The average email user receives 147 emails every day and spends more than 2 ½ hours on email a day.
  • On average 71 of those emails gets deleted which takes just under 5 minutes.
  • On average, 12 emails a day require substantial work, just those emails takes up almost 90 minutes a day.
Average time per task
  • The average person writes 40 emails a day and each takes 72 seconds to write
  • We archive 25% of our emails for future reference, each takes 7 seconds
  • 80 % of the emails we delete are deleted in less than 3 seconds

Tip: Recognize how long each action takes and to optimize where it counts. Most time on email is spent on making decisions, doing work and crafting responses.

Knowing these statistics how do we make sure your email is noticed?

Write effective subject lines. The content of a subject line is the key variable for a recipient to proceed with opening an email, deleting it immediately, ignoring it, or reporting it as spam. The subject line content is also a major component in the algorithm of many ISP and recipient-level spam filters. A poorly written subject line may lead to the customer skipping your message, or even causing it to never reach the recipient’s inbox. Here are 5 tips on writing an effective subject line:

  1. Your subject line should be compelling, with an immediate benefit, giving the reader a sense of urgency to open now instead of later.
  2. Be unique! There’s some serious clutter in most people’s inboxes. Your message shouldn’t sound like all the others. It should stand out as different, unusual something you just won’t find anywhere else.
  3. Be specific about your offer and explain what you can do for them Spell out the benefits with clear, honest details.
  4. Show that you can deliver something the prospect wants… something of value that addresses their needs and solves their problems. This can be as simple as stating what they should expect in the email.
  5. Address the concerns of the reader. What keeps them up at night?
Why LetterMark Web-enhanced email?

Your emails are the equivalent of your printed business card small, simple, but no-less essential to your corporate brand and your employee’s professional persona. With LetterMark Web-enhanced email your email will become interactive and do a lot more for your corporation than the business card ever did!

Reasons why
  • One to one branded email, the email comes from a trusted source
  • Links taking the recipient to pertinent web page
  • It is not viewed as “advertising” by the recipient
Average CTR
Average CPC
Conversion rate*
Actual purchase
Independent analysis by Webtrends 2010
Vary depending on advertiser ad targeting and competition
For ad on Google display network
Vary depending selected ad placement options
From actual LetterMark users
< $0.40
Does not compete with other ads

* The analytics company Monetate analyzed 100,000,000 visits to a range of e-commerce sites. Conversion rates differed dramatically, depending on where users came from.

Once the email is opened

We know that with LetterMark’s branded email we increase the web site traffic 25 to 30%. The cost per click is roughly half the cost of more traditional communications channels because the communication is coming from a known source and is not viewed nor competes with traditional advertising.

With LetterMark web-enhanced email you corporate email will:
  • Display your brand identity in a clear, reliable, fashion
  • Will be consistent across all of the employees of your firm
  • Centrally controlled and deployed
  • Easy to use with preview and ability to choose template
  • Contains active links to your website, staff bio's when available, maps to your offices, a Link to a downloadable vCard, for easy save into the recipients address book
  • Includes confidentiality statements as needed
  • Allow for encryption of attachments
  • Includes active links to social media services you maintain a presence on
  • Provides for a degree of individual user flexibility, allowing for the inclusion or exclusion of various data elements as per corporate policy
  • Is easy to deploy initially, and is easy to keep current as employees change roles and new-hires are brought on board
  • Flexibility in deployment three different ways:
    • LetterMark® Standard Add in for Outlook
    • LetterMark® Web Plus™
    • LetterMark® Signature templates
  • Performs as reliably as is possible across all email programs and devices

Please contact us for more information at sales@rtsz.com

Outlook 2007 and 2010

If you are planning upgrading to 2007 or 2010 please let us know before you upgrade. Your LetterMark templates will need to be modified to comply with Outlook 2007 or 2010.

Remember there is a Free 30 day trial for LetterMark Web-enhanced email.

Receive a live LetterMark email

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