Research Triangle Software LetterMark® Newsletter, February 2013

Current release version of LetterMark

For customers that use the LetterMark download software directly from LetterMark.net, the current production version of LetterMark is 5.6. If you are having compatibility problems with newer versions of Windows or Outlook you should download this version.

Social network links

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Let us know if you need to add any of the social network links to your templates:

Social Media icons

Put a face on your v-card and template

We have a new exciting feature in our latest production release of LetterMark. You can add a picture to you employeeís v-card:


The picture can also be used in your templates:

Template Card

Dynamic Template support for your marketing efforts

LetterMark allows for links on the Templates that can be changed (both the text and the actual link) via the company Admin website.  So if you have a change in your promotion you can change the text and link on the template whenever you want.  Some of our clients also use it to change their "news" so that the link and text is directed to their most recent public announcement.

Image blocking

With our new feature our templates can be designed- with embedded images such that the end user doesnít get the RED X.

Linked templates are LetterMark standard:
  1. It saves space on both the sender and receiver side of the email since images can be very large.
  2. Dynamic Republishing which means that your LetterMark emails always reflect the latest branding, website links and contact information. When a change is needed, such as a new logo or website, simply update the template on the LetterMark server. Then, anytime one of your emails, old or new, is opened, the recipient will see your new look!
  3. Some firewall settings will stop emails with embedded images if they are too large. With LetterMark pulling the template images has less of a chance of being stopped then very large images.
Embedded Graphics template:
  1. The reason that many recipients will see red Xís when they open their email is due to their security settings. This is easily rectified by having the recipient add the sender to their Safe Sender List. Unfortunately many emails are sent to first time recipients, or recipients are unaware how to do this.
  2. LetterMark supports Embedded Graphics Templates so the recipient will see your branded template.
  3. Certain ìlinkedî features will be suppressed when you use embedded images.
You can even have a combination of Linked and Embedded templates in one email, Linked for internal recipients and Embedded for external recipients.

Please let us know if you want to have this option for a template, contact sales@rtsz.com

See your LetterMark Click-thrus
LetterMark has a higher Click-thru rate than email marketing, Google Adwords and Facebook.

We know that with LetterMarkís branded email we increase the web site traffic 25 to 30%. The cost per click is roughly half the cost of more traditional communications channels because the communication is coming from a known source and is not viewed nor competes with traditional advertising.

With LetterMarkís on-line reporting you get activity reports on your templates.  This will help you determine what template works for any specific campaign or offer you might have run.  The report is a useful tool, reports can be sorted by Letterhead click-troughs in totals or by template.  It will also give you number of v-card downloads totals and by user.  In addition the reports can be exported as a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Why LetterMark Web-enhanced email?

Your emails are the equivalent of your printed business card small, simple, but no-less essential to your corporate brand and your employeeís professional persona. With LetterMark Web-enhanced email your email will become interactive and do a lot more for your corporation than the business card ever did!

With LetterMark web-enhanced email your corporate email will:

Please contact us for more information at sales@rtsz.com

Outlook 2007 and 2010

If you are planning upgrading to 2007 or 2010 please let us know before you upgrade. Your LetterMark templates will need to be modified to comply with Outlook 2007 or 2010.

Now Available

LetterMark® for iPad/iPhone

Ability to send email from iPhone and iPad using LetterMark templates contact us with your needs, sales@rtsz.com

Coming Soon

Outlook Outbox Monitor

We want to take the opportunity to announce a new utility for Outlook. Our new Outlook Outbox Monitor (OOM) will make sure that no emails get trapped in your outbox and never sent. OOM will monitor the outbox and if there are more emails than the limit you have set for a period of time, OOM will alert you to take action. A very practical utility that will make sure you don't have email get trapped in the Outbox. Available at http://www.rtsz.com

Remember there is a Free 30 day trial for LetterMark Web-enhanced email.