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Research Triangle Software LetterMark® Newsletter, August 2011


For customers that use the LetterMark download software directly from LetterMark.net, the current production version of LetterMark is 5.6.

If you are having compatibility problems with newer versions of Windows or Outlook you should download this version. It also has better debugging features built into the product.


Safe senders list. With the increased privacy and security concerns around the inbox, mostly due to viruses and spam, delivering emails to your recipients may present a challenge at times. We have reminded LetterMark users of this in the past but if you have email recipients that you deal with on a regular basis and they are having problems seeing your templates, you should suggest that they add you to their safe sender list. This is not only good for LetterMark but will avoid many other problems that recipients may have when viewing your emails, such as images are that are not displayed or email that goes into a Spam or Junk mail folder.
If you add the sender's email address to your address book or safe list, some of these challenges can be overcome. To help you receive those valued e-mail communications, we have provided a link to a web site that provides instructions for the most commonly used e-mail programs and services.

Please refer to the below web-site for more information.

If some of your email recipients will only accept text messages or do not want to add you to their Safe Sender list, you may add them to your Text Recipients list in LetterMark. This list may be found at the top of the box when you use the “Configure LetterMark Software” button. You may add individual recipients or domains to this list (info@rtsz.com or @rtsz.com).  Recipients in this list will only receive your text information.

We are now on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LetterMark

Check us out on Facebook and enter to win prizes and check out latest products.

Comments and feedback are always welcome.


LetterMark Web Plus is a new way to use your LetterMark templates for any Windows based email client that supports HTML such as:

           Outlook (all Versions)

           Outlook Web Access (OWA)

           Outlook Express


           Yahoo mail

           Lotus (all versions that support HTML)

           Plus many more


Our LetterMark® Web Plus™ email product uses a different approach to add standard LetterMark® templates. They can be added to any email client via a self-defined hot key, or placed in the email client's signature file. These are the same LetterMark® templates used by our standard product and can be used interchangeably between products.

If you have a use for LetterMark Web Plus your LetterMark Administrator will need to make it available to you by adding it to the acceptable program downloads at. http://www.lettermark.net  This will make it available for LetterMark invites and Software downloads.


LetterMark Event Manager powered by ROGO


LetterMark Event Manager is another new use for your LetterMark templates. The LetterMark Event Manager records and broadcasts your event minute by minute in crisp and clear HD slide show using your own personal customized URL


  • Instant live view from anywhere during the event
  • Live view in real time for those on-site or off-site
  • CHECK OUT THE EVENT from any web browser!! So it can be viewed from any device that supports web access, i.e. iPads, iPhones, Blackberry and Android.
  • Records everything providing a log of events that can be archived as well as time lapsed for future marketing promotions.
  • NO PLUG-INS- accessible for any exhibitor, attendee or conference manager from any cell phone or browser with nothing to install.  


LetterMark Event Manager Broadcast Accounts are the most cost effective way to record, publicize, and provide a live view of your event for the entire world to see.

Promote your Business with LetterMark. See http://www.lettermark.com



Outlook 2007 and 2010
If you are planning upgrading to 2007 or 2010 please let us know before you upgrade. Your LetterMark templates will need to be modified to comply with Outlook 2007 or 2010.




Remember there is a Free 30 day trial for LetterMark Web-enhanced email and LetterMark Web Plus.

Current LetterMark users contact us to find out about our referral program.


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