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Letter Mark Web-enhanced email Newsletter: April 2010
New release 5.4.7
Everyone should have the latest version and we have sent out emails to customers who are not currently using our latest release. If you are unsure whether or not you have the current version installed please email
To upgrade to our newest release please logon to LetterMark.net and sign in with your email address and password.
Support wait times
We want to apologize if your support question has not been answered in a timely manner. We are in the process of catching up.
Outlook 2007
If you are planning upgrading to 2007 please let us know before you upgrade. Your LetterMark templates will need to be modified to comply with Outlook 2007.
Security issues within Outlook - Safe Sender Information
With increased privacy and security concerns around the inbox, mostly due to viruses and spam, delivering e-mail to you presents many challenges.
Sometimes images are not displayed... sometimes you don’t know where your message went.
If you add the sender's email address to your address book or safe list, some of these challenges can be overcome. To help you receive those valued e-mail communications, we have provided a link to a web site that provides instructions for the most commonly used e-mail programs and services.
Please refer to the below web-site for more information.
Why LetterMark?
Here are a few of the reasons why LetterMark® is the right choice for many corporations. 
Reason #1
LetterMark increases web site traffic by 25 to 30% over other ways of branding email.
Reason #2
LetterMark saves in IT support time. LetterMark can save a lot of time over other solutions based on its many update and install features available through your Administrative logon.
Reason #3
LetterMark is not Exchange based.  Some branding software adds a disclaimer or branding information after the fact with all the inherent problems.  These systems do not allow you to use a different back end such as Google.  LetterMark has no such limitations with Outlook.
Reason #4
LetterMark emails can have more different branding options than any other product. Some products think that a web site address or a signature card is branding. LetterMark allows for literally hundreds of different templates for any product, service, or occasion.
Reason #5
LetterMark is the most efficient branding product available.
LetterMark only adds hundreds of bytes to each email. Other systems add many thousands. This results in heavy email, causing increased network and storage costs.
More reasons will be given in the next Newsletter.
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