2006, Issue 1

Is HTML Email More Effective?
The folks at MarketingSherpa conducted a study to see how our eyes see and read email. Does HTML email with graphics make a difference? Or are graphics a distraction to the reader? Their results may surprise you!
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LetterMark Encryption - Sign up for 30 day Free Trial!
Available as an add-on feature to LetterMark email 5.1, the encryption feature allows senders to quickly and easily encrypt attachments on the fly. Recipients need only the password used to encrypt the attachment and a one-time download of the free decoder (Adobe model). Get more information and request your free trial here

Need to Change Your Contact Info?
Move to a new office location? Change your phone number? You can change your contact information at any time by logging into your LetterMark account. Here's how:

  • Open Outlook. On the toolbar, go to Tools - Options.
  • Click the "LetterMark" tab.
  • Press the "Configure Lettermark" button.
  • Select the "Contact Info" tab.
  • Logon using your email address and LetterMark password (your password can be requested if you don't have it).
  • Click the "Personal contact info" option on the leftside menu.
  • Edit your profile information. Scroll down and press the "Save Changes" button.
  • You'll get an "Update Complete" message. At this point, you can click "template preview" to review your updates or logoff (on the leftside menu).
  • Close the logon window, and click "OK" to close the pop-up windows.
The old info may still be in your computer's cache after you make the change. To see the updated info, double-click on any email you've sent with LetterMark to open it and hit the F5 key.

New Customers

Davis & Kuelthau, S.C.

Sadoff & Rudoy Industries, LLP

Wycliffe Foundation

Archer Advisors

New to Outlook 2003?
If you've recently upgraded to Outlook 2003 and want some help getting familiar with the new look and features, visit the Outlook 2003 Product Overview page in Microsoft's website.

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