September 2005

LetterMark(tm) Email is the Preferred Choice for Law Firms Throughout US
Law firms use LetterMark Email to drive web traffic, increase business and enhance professionalism of 1-to-1 email. "LetterMark Email has become a key component of our firm's marketing strategy," said Russell Lawson, marketing director at Sands Anderson Marks & Miller.
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LetterMark Email in Action
Got a new website? Going through an identity change? Read how the Virginia-based law firm of Sands Anderson Marks & Miller is using LetterMark email to project their new image, drive traffic to their website and enhance the professionalism of the thousands of emails their attorneys and staff send each day.
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Encryption Feature - Coming Soon!
Do you send confidential information in email attachments? If so, you should take steps to protect that information. The next release of LetterMark email will introduce a powerful feature to easily and quickly encrypt email attachments. Based on the same software RTS currently provides to the NSA and the U.S. Army, the encryption option will be a welcome addition for our clients in the healthcare, legal and financial services professions. Request More Information.

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Power-Emailers! In our survey last month, over half of the respondents sent 20-40 emails/day and a third sent over 50 emails a day!

New Customers

Meyers Nave

Pelnik Insurance

Donlin Recano

Onebane Law Firm

Font Settings
Ever wonder why some emails appear in different fonts than you expect?

You can change these font settings! There are places to check in both Outlook and in Internet Explorer.

Read our LetterMark Tips & Tricks paper on Font Settings to learn how.

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