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Receive a live LetterMark email

LetterMark go mobile - the simple way to add great interactive templates to your iPhone or iPad Email.


LetterMark go mobile is the mobile App that lets you email or text your signature information and logo or image. No need for the recipient to have the App. There are free Templates (signature images) available or you can create your own by purchasing a subscription to the Custom Template. Use your own Logo or Selfie from your Camera Roll. LetterMark go mobile uses the standard Messaging Apps that are already on your iPhone or iPad, no need to use a special email or Texting Application to send or receive your Custom Template.

Why do we call them templates?

Our templates have much more functionality than just a plain signature. As you will see below you can have Headers and Footers and embed links to web sites in your graphics from your templates. The full LetterMark product supports Dynamic Republishing which brings great flexibility to your emails and allows information to be changed without changing your template. The new information is then seen on your new and past emails you have already sent.

Current LetterMark Clients

With LetterMark go mobile any LetterMark client has access to all their custom LetterMark templates and the go mobile App allows a choice of which template to use for each new email they send, forward, or reply to with their iPhone or iPad. A default template can be set for all emails sent from the iPhone or iPad or the template can be changed for each email. LetterMark clients can also purchase our standard Template groups for their personal email accounts.

New Clients

Non-LetterMark clients can purchase extra Template groups as an in-App upgrade to the free product. This allows non-LetterMark clients to receive many of the LetterMark features for their iPhone or iPad. A Custom Template group let's your use any image from your Camera Roll.

Please look over our Gallery to see previews of template groups we have to offer.

LetterMark go mobile is available now in the App Store for existing LetterMark clients and in-App purchases for both LetterMark and non-LetterMark clients.

We would like to hear from you.

Please contact us with any template group ideas; we appreciate all your feedback.

Companies, Universities, or other Organizations

Contact us for innovative ways to advertise and drive traffic to your company web-site with your own branded LetterMark go mobile templates.

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