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Features at a Glance:

Multiple Templates: No limit on the number of templates that the system can process; change templates on the fly from simple drop-down menu

Send Preview: Users' preview of their email framed in the specified template before sending and can change templates on the fly

Internal/External Emails: Automatically applies a different (or no) template on internal emails

Dynamic Republishing: Branding and contact information are always current, even in previously sent emails

Light Email: Rich email graphics and Web integration with only minimal overhead added to each message

No Stacking: Automatically avoids 'stacking' of LetterMark templates on replies and forwards

Efficient: Deploy new templates and template changes across large enterprise in seconds

Easy Installation: Over the internet for small groups; via 'silent install' technologies for enterprise rollouts

Easy Administration: LetterMark.net, a web-based system simplifies management for small, medium and large businesses

Tracking and Reporting: On-line reports of click-through activity

Encryption Option for Attachments: Easy to use encryption for attachments that meet legal requirements for the encryption of personal information in emails

Downloadable Contact Info: Recipients can add sender contact information to their address book with two clicks

Tracking and Reporting: On-line reports of v-card downloads

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