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LetterMark Encryption
•  Overview    
•  User Experience    
Receive a live LetterMark email

Sending Encrypted E-mail with LetterMark


  1. Compose a new email and add an attachment as normal. Click Send.
  2. You’ll see an Encrypt button on the LetterMark Previewer along with a list of the attachment(s) you’ve added.
  3. When prompted, enter and verify a password. Your attachment(s) will be instantly encrypted.

After sending the email, give the password to the recipient separately (e.g., via email or phone).

Note: The recipient will need to perform a one-time download of the free decoding software to decrypt the attachment. This can be downloaded from the link on the sidebar.

Sending Encrypted E-mail with LetterMark


  1. The recipient double-clicks on the encrypted attachment.
  2. When prompted, enter the password for the attachment(s).
  3. The attachment(s) will be decrypted. Double-click on the decrypted file to open.
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