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LetterMark® Web-enhanced Email is a sophisticated interactive marketing tool designed for businesses.

LetterMark technology converts plain text emails into a powerful marketing and branding tool by adding customized interactive templates. Your messages can include an email business card, your company logo and more.

With LetterMark email, every time your employees hit “send” they extend your brand and promote your products, services, special events and news.


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LetterMark Branded Email

LetterMark Seasonal Template
LetterMark Email Encryption
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The LetterMark Seasonal Template is a dynamic template that automatically changes with the season. The header of the template is controlled by our library of seasonal templates and will have a link to your website.
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Version 5.1 of LetterMark Email includes an option to quickly and easily encrypt attachments to your emails.
Get a sample LetterMark email delivered to your mailbox! See how the functionality of an email business card, company branding and marketing message work within this well-designed template.

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